About Kira


Hi I’m one and only admin and author for this blog, just call me Kira instead of author-ssi or other formal thingy. I’m original ELF, Snower, Angle, Strings, Siwonest and Cloud but in this blog I’ll write more about Kibum, since I dedicated this to him.

Some of my FF was imported from my FFN account “SnowBum KyuDevil” and I will be moving permanently to this blog, so please anticipate and please gimme support.

Thanks ^^~

Signed, May 23rd 2014

3 thoughts on “About Kira”

  1. ini wp author snowbum kyudevil?

  2. yup ^^ this is Kira kkk~ Kira pindah ke sini sekarang, pindah perlahan2 mohon terus dukung Kira *bow

  3. Kira knapa At Least I Still Have You sama Henry and Hyungs lom di Publish di WP, padahal ditunggu loh kelanjutannya…

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